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    Trusted CBD Lifestyle Brand In Japan

    CHILLAXY is a unique lifestyle brand originated in Japan. We carefully select and directly import the highest quality CBDs, and manufacture final goods in Japan. Our brand concept is “Chill & Relax,” and this is heavily reflected in our product offering, flavoring and packaging. Contact us if you want to export hemp cannabinoids to Japan.

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    Message To CBD Suppliers

    Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our goal is to build everlasting vertically integrated CBD platform in Japan. To achieve this, we actively look for CBD suppliers who wish to partner with us to expand their sales network to Japan. We are in this CBD business for the long-run and we believe that we can offer many various benefits to our partners. If you are interested in the hemp business in Japan, please read LET'S PARTNER section of our website below and contact us by via email.

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    Below Summarizes Why You Should Partner With Us

    ✔ Proven Track Record: We have proven track record of importing CBD to Japan. In addition, we work closely with Japanese regulators and customs.

    ✔ Easy Access To Japan: You will experience hassle-free entry into Japan market.

    ✔ Legal Support: There are strict guidelines for importing CBD to Japan. We will handle all the dialogue with Japanese regulators& customs. You just need to provide us with the required documents.

    ✔ Bulk Purchase: We will buy your CBD in bulk volume.

    ✔ Quick & Nimble: Traditional Japanese corporate are known for being slow and conservative. Contrary, we are very quick and nimble, which you want as your reliable business partner.

    ✔ English Speaking: Language is a huge barrier for foreign companies wanting to do business in Japan. We have native English speakers in our firm.

    ✔ All-In-One: Partnering with Chillaxy comes with all the above in one package.


    What We Buy From Global CBD Suppliers

    Our Wanted Lists

    Bulk CBD Isolate (High Priority)
    Bulk Broad Spectrum CBD  (High Priority)
    Bulk Water Soluble CBD (High Priority)
    Finished Non-Branded CBD Products
    Other THC-Free CBD Related Products
    Other THC-Free Cannabis Related Products

    Required Product Quality

    CBDs From Mature Hemp Stems Only
    THC-Free (THC Non-Detectable)
    No Pesticides
    CO2 Extracted
    Third-Party Tested


    Toshiki Inoue

    Founder and CEO of Chillaxy, LLC
    Toshiki spent the last 10 years as an investment professional at various hedge funds. Prior to starting Chillaxy, he was the head of Japan for a global hedge fund based in Hong Kong. He graduated from University of Toronto with BBA degree.

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